Have you ever heard the expression “cool as a cucumber?” The person who coined it must have recently finished a big glass of the juice. Cucumber juice is a refreshing staple in our household and what feels like every spa in North America.

Originally, I drank water with sliced cucumber, letting it sit overnight and served with a slice of lemon. While I still enjoy this combination, in truth it simply wasn’t enough flavor for me. Many of the health benefits of cucumbers are lost when you don’t ingest the vegetable. As you’ll discover, the pure juice is light and refreshing. Equally important, once you start reaping the health benefits, you won’t want to stop.

Health Benefits of Cucumber Juice

  • Hydration and Weight Loss. Firstly, cucumbers are 96% water and the electrolytes found in cucumbers can help prevent dehydration. A well hydrated human has a better functioning metabolism which ultimately impacts the ability to optimally lose weight and perform at peak physical performance. 
  • High in Nutrients. Cucumbers are a completely fat free food that contains protein, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, calcium, potassium and manganese. Be sure to keep the cucumber peel on to maximize the nutrition benefits.
  • Bone Health. Vitamin K improves calcium absorption in the body aiding in strong bone health which is increasingly important as one ages. 
  • Bathroom Habits. Cucumbers contain soluble fiber called pectin and water which helps to regulate bowel movements and increase their frequency. 
  • Glowing Skin. Cucumber juice can be used externally to alleviate sunburn. There’s even research that when applied directly to the face it can act as a natural toner.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels. Several studies using animals and test-tubes found that cucumber may help reduce blood sugar levels. This is great news for diabetics who add cucumber juice to their weight loss program. 

Cucumber Juice is an Excellent Summer Drink

All the health benefits aside, cucumber juice tastes amazing! With its cooling properties it makes it particularly enjoyable on a hot summer day. In Amsterdam where I live cucumber juice isn’t readily available in restaurants which means juicing at home.

Picking the Perfect Cucumber

Firstly, when you’re looking for a cucumber you want to try to find organic if possible. If you can’t find organic consider using a fruit and vegetable wash to remove agricultural chemicals before juicing. According to one source, you want to look for firm cucumbers without blemishes or soft spots that indicate rot. Cucumbers should be dark green and avoid the yellow color which develops as the fruit becomes overly ripe consequently ruining the flavor. And for the love of all things delicious, if you can bend it, please throw that cucumber directly in the garbage. In other words; dark, firm and large is what you’re looking for.

Many cucumbers come waxed impacting the flavor. For this reason try to purchase organic. Organic cucumbers use non-synthetic wax approved by organic guidelines. If you can’t find organic always soak overnight before juicing. 

There are over 33 varieties of cucumbers in North America. If you’re at the grocery store most likely you’ll be purchasing the Pole cucumber. Pole cucumbers are easy to grow, hence their place as a staple on many store shelves. Consider trying a Persian, Kirby or English cucumber. All considerably better tasting than the traditional Pole cucumber but slightly more difficult to source.

Juicing your Cucumber

Consider investing in a high-quality juicer to extract more juice from the fruit saving you money in the long term. A great intro juicer is the Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra but any juicer above 1000 watts will work fine.

Ultimate Summer Cucumber Ginger Juice Recipe 

This refreshing and sharp cucumber, ginger, lemon juice is completely fat free and dairy free. You can drink cucumber juice between meals for an energy boost. Additionally, if your primary concern is weight loss, this is the perfect drink because its low in sugar and calories. 


2 large organic cucumbers of any variety (I recommend Persian)

1 knob organic ginger

1 lemon


  1. Firstly, peel your ginger. Wash your cucumbers thoroughly. Juice your lemon and set aside.
  2. Secondly, using your juicer, insert the cucumbers with skin and the peeled ginger.
  3. When complete add the lemon juice and give a quick stir.
  4. Enjoy your refreshing juice immediately or store in the fridge for a cooler beverage. 


Finally, if you’re a purist feel free to omit the ginger and lemon from the juice recipe completely.  Ultimately, it’s you the decides what tastes suit you best and above all the cucumber juice alone has many benefits. 

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