About Clean Eating Vegan


About Me

My name is Natalie Smith and I’m no stranger to yo-yo dieting for fast weight loss. I was born with an insatiable appetite. A naturally chubby child I had sausage arms that are adorable on babies but questionable on a teen.

Emotional Eating

An emotional eater, there were times when pop-tarts and pizza were my best friend. It wasn’t long before I was 210 pounds (95kg) at the young age of thirteen. Tormented at school I found comfort in disordered eating and obsessive exercise. I’d come home and work out for 5 hours a night and left middle school a size 8 and maintained that throughout high school.

University brought its own set of problems. Late night study snacks, a lazy boyfriend with an affinity for pizza, daily frozen cokes and many beers later. Instead of the Freshman 15 I gained the Freshman 50 and found myself right back where I started.

Discovering a Plant Based Diet

It wasn’t until I graduated from university and moved to South Korea that I found a healthier way of eating. Inspired by the freshness of Korean produce I taught myself how to cook and made starch the center of my diet. I ate tons of fruit, vegetables, rice, squash and potatoes. And I was losing weight with little to no effort and never counted calories. In addition to this I discovered new ways to exercise that were both fun and fast so I could pursue hobbies outside of fitness.

I’ve tried variations of this diet and each time without failure the weight comes back. My ideal weight is easiest to maintain when I make plants the focal point of my diet and I’m going to show you how.  I’ve completed the eCornell certificate in Plant Based Nutrition created by none other than Forks over Knives co-creator T. Colin Campbell and completed the Dr. McDougall program. I’ve been plant based for over a decade and with the knowledge I’ve accumulated I’m here to help you lose weight and live your life to the fullest. Life is complicated enough, eating should be easy!